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Solar Installation

Cochise Tech offers compete design-build solutions for off grid and grid tie solar systems. We represent many manufacturers. Our in-house design team designs systems for each specific application. We have installed systems ranging from small residential systems, to large commercial solar systems. We designed and installed independent solar systems for over 130 Modular Tactical Training units at Site Maverick, Site Uniform, Site PAPA, and Site DHA on Fort Huachuca, each having its own hybrid inverter and battery backup. Our past experience includes installing systems for RV parks, car washes, bed and breakfast facilities, numerous military structures, and numerous residential systems.

We are here to help you understand each stage of the Solar PV proccess.

1. Consultation

When you contact us, we evaluate your current situation and advise you on the brand and application of pv panels that will best fit your current needs and goals.
We can discuss your current utility bills and evaluate how much money you could be saving.

2. Design

We will design a system using the brand and application that best fits your current energy needs. We will innform you an expected return on investment.

3. Permit and Rebates:

Upon acceptance of the design and pricing, we will submit to the local building officials and obtain a building permit; we will also submit all paper work needed in order to obtain rebates and credits as applicable.

4. Installation:

Our technicians will install your system to meet all local building codes and will coordinate with the local utility company to ensure that the system is properly installed.

5. Maintenance:

Our customer service department will always be on hand to answer any questions that you might have. We can monitor your system to see if you are getting the full benefits of your systems design.


“Solar veterans know the industry exists at the intersection of environmentalism and business. And it is a big business. Last year solar contributed 15 billion dollars to the US economy and employed 143,000 people.
One reason for the growth is continually decreasing component prices, which lower the total cost of energy. This means utilities are more likely to support utility scale projects by buying the power they generate. On the consumer side, interest is balooned by news of solar on places such as Walmart, the White House, and local zoos.
Popular media reports the time for mainstream solar has come, as technology becomes increasingly competitive with traditional fuel sources. In the future, household solar can become common as refrigerators. Experts know this is the result of declining manufacturing prices coupled with innovative, smart technology that makes installing, using and tracking solar energy easier.
Solar skeptics say the product of the industries effort today, 15.9GW of clean energy in the U.S., are small compared to the energy produced by traditional power plants, and that solar could never feasibly replace gas or nuclear power, but they are missing the point entirely. We are on an exciting journey of innovation to develop and distribute technology that can contribute to a more sustainable energy scheme and a cleaner world. With the effects of global climate change at our doorstep, there is no better time than now to enter the solar race.”
-The Solar Power World team