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Product and Service Code

PSC lists the products and services available from Cochise Tech and Development. A wide variety of construction, maintenance and repairs for many types of buildings. All though most are listed, our experience is the greatest in government and institutional facilities. Find more in Federal Supply Codes.

N – Installation of Equipment

N056 Installation of Construction and Building Materials
N059 Installation of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
N060 Installation of Fiber Optics Materials, Components, Assemblies and Accessories mater
N061 Installation of Power Distribute Equipment
N062 Installation of Lighting Fixtures
N063 Installation of Alarm, Signal and Security Detection Systems
N071 Installation of Furniture
N072 Installation of Commercial Furnish

Y – Construction of Structures and Facilities

Y1AA Construction of Office buildings
Y1AB Construction of Conference space and facilities
Y1AZ Construction of Other administrative facilities and service buildings
Y1CA Construction of Schools
Y1CZ Construction of Other educational build
Y1EB Construction of Maintenance buildings
Y1EZ Construction of Other industrial buildings
Y1FA Construction of Family housing facilities
Y1FB Construction of Recreational buildings
Y1FC Construction of Troop housing facilities
Y1FD Construction of Dining facilities
Y1FE Construction of Religious facilities
Y1GD Construction of Open storage facilities
Y1GZ Construction of Other warehouse buildings
Y1MG Construction of EPG facilities – solar
Y1MH Construction of EPG facilities – wind

Z – Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property

Z1AA Maintenance of Office buildings
Z1AB Maintenance of Conference space and facilities
Z1CA Maintenance of Schools
Z1CZ Maintenance of Other educational buildings
Z1DA Maintenance of Hospitals and infirmaries
Z1EZ Maintenance of Other industrial buildings
Z1FA Maintenance of Family housing facilities
Z1FB Maintenance of Recreational buildings
Z1FC Maintenance of Troop housing facilities
Z1FD Maintenance of Dining facilities
Z1FE Maintenance of Religious facilities
Z1MG Maintenance of EPG facilities – solar
Z2AA Repair or Alteration of Office buildings
Z2AB Repair or Alteration of Conference space and facilities
Z2AZ Repair or Alteration of Other administrative facilities and service buildings
Z2BE Repair or Alteration of Airport terminals
Z2CA Repair or Alteration of Schools
Z2CZ Repair or Alteration of Other educational buildings
Z2DA Repair or Alteration of Hospitals and infirmaries
Z2DB Repair or Alteration of Laboratories and clinics
Z2DZ Repair or Alteration of Other hospital buildings
Z2JZ Repair or Alteration of Miscellaneous buildings
Z2MG Repair or Alteration of EPG facilities – solar