Cochise Tech and Electric is Sierra Vista's 85635 Solar Contractor. We design and install solar energy systems.
Cochise Tech and Electric is Hereford's Solar Contractor.  We design and install renewable energy systems.
Cochise Tech and Electric is Sierra Vista's 85650 Solar Panel Installer. We design and install alternative energy systems.
Cochise Tech and Electric is Hereford's 85615 Solar Installer. Contract with Cochise for a trouble free installtion.
Cochise Tech and Electric is Sierra Vista's Solar Designer
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Getting Started with Solar

Can you answer NO to all these:

1. I am concerned about my energy bill when I loose my job or retire.
2. I am worried that the new EPA regulations on coal power plants will drive the cost of electric too high.
3. I wish I had more independence or control of my power bill and usage.
4. I would like to know what I could do positive for my environment and for the future of my children.
5. I want an investment that pays for itself in 5-10 years with profits increasing till 20-25 years.
6. I have heard that my neighbor has a $12 electric bill and his meter runs backwards.
7. I understand that houses with no power bills are worth more.
8. I need to find a local solar contractor that is worth my trust.

We are here to help you understand each stage of the Solar PV proccess.

1. Consultation:

When you contact us, we evaluate your current situation and advise you on the brand and application of pv panels that will best fit your current needs and goals. We can discuss your current utility bills and evaluate how much money you could be saving. Click here for SOLAR PANEL INFO and INVERTER INFO.

2. Design:

We will design a system using the brand and application that best fits your current energy needs. We will innform you an expected return on investment. Click here for DESIGN INFO.

3. Permit and Rebates:

Upon acceptance of the design and pricing, we will submit to the local building officials and obtain a building permit; we will also submit all paper work needed in order to obtain rebates and tax credits. Click here to see your INCENTIVES.

4. Installation:

Our technicians will install your system to meet all local building codes and will coordinate with the local utility company to ensure that the system is properly installed. Click here for INSTALLATION PHOTOS.

5. Maintenance:

Our customer service department will always be on hand to answer any questions that you might have. We can monitor your system to see if you are getting the full benefits of your systems design.

If you are ready to contact us about a pv system call 520-366-5697 or Contact us here.

Cochise Tech and Electric, LLC- Licensed, insured, and installs solar in:
AZ | Sierra Vista • Benson • Fort Huachuca • Hereford • Palominas • Huachuca City • Bisbee • Cochise County •
ROC 241694 CR11 & 268824 B-1

Cochise Tech and Electric is a licensed Solar Contractor for Bisbee, Hereford, Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista, Huachuca City, Benson, Saint David, Elgin, and Tombstone